Fair Honest Sustainable Ethical Clothing Shouldn't Be A Choice

And with ethical, we aren’t only talking about the source of clothing, we are talking about how clothing impacts the whole world. At serious.clothing, we care a lot about the impact we have on the environment and on the people who create our shirts, from raw material to end product. We want a sustainable, CO2 neutral production chain for every item that we sell, before we start selling. 

We think you should care about the people behind your clothing as well, as a lot of big clothing brands pay little to no attention to their workforce, some going as far as violating human rights. This can change, and it doesn’t start with you, it starts with us. We need to be able to promise you a 100% fair and sustainable production, shipping, and even wearing process.

We check every product we even consider selling if we can call it “Serious Ethics Certified”, and only then will we continue the development process. 


For every item we sell, we carefully consider every part of the process to be done fairly and responsibly. We make sure our suppliers get the cotton and other raw materials for our clothing from certified wholesalers that get checked for their work ethics, making sure that everyone involved in the process not only gets pair fairly, but gets treated humanely. Most of our products are supplied by Bella + Canvas, but we also have some products from Printful Original.

Our main supplier, Bella + Canvas, makes their shirts in the USA, and sews them in other countries. Bella + Canvas also ensures the human rights of their employees are not violated, and that everyone in the process gets treated fairly. You can learn more about their sustainability on their site.

Printful Original, which is our secondary supplier, makes their clothing in Latvia, ensuring that their workers get paid fairly and can work in safe environments. All their clothing is fully sustainable, made from recycled polyester and organic cotton.


We do not make clothing to throw it away, so we don’t. Everything we make, only gets printed once a customer actually orders. By doing this, we not only eliminate the need for shipping to and from a warehouse, but we also never waste a single item. Our production chain is much shorter because of this, and it makes the process a lot better for the environment. This, unfortunately, means that we cannot have next-day delivery or priority shipping. Priority shipping is also a lot less sustainable, emitting more CO2 into the atmosphere.

Every returned item that we receive gets donated to local charities that help the poor and third-world countries. This means that even the items that might have a defect, will get used, and never burned or thrown away, like some big clothing companies do whose names we cannot say here.

We have print locations in every continent on the world, further eliminating the need for long shipment chains, and while we are still working on making every item in every print location, we are already very happy with the short chains. We are using DHL for most of our shipments, and we are happy to see DHL switching to a carbon neutral shipment process.

We are carbon negative. For every item we sell, we look at the amount of carbon we produce by making, printing, and shipping the clothing, and we donate a part of our revenue to NGO’s focussed on capturing carbon, so that our total emission is negative.

If you have any more questions about our ethics, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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